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Mmm.. MEAT ;)

Hehe! We had the BBQ last night in honour of cavu (who STILL hasn't made any posts to LJ *hint*). I pigged out and ate 2 chinese style pork cuts, 3 honey roast sausages in finger buns and two minted lamb burgers (not in buns). I also drank a fair bit of beer :). There's something about BBQs - but they're great :) There weren't that many of us - just chocojon (who had done a lot of work in the garden that day in preparation I think - thanks very much *hug*), goddesssnoweh and our friend Burney.

Abi, a work mate who worked with Ric, turned up later on at about 9pm and we sat and watched Dark Crystal. I tried to stay awake but the meat and beer had taken its toll.. and I didn't want to be rude either so I drifted in and out of sleep sat on the sofa next to Abi.. oops. We were all laughing so much at how the film was like The Lord Of The Rings done by the Fraggles and saw various other films that had either taken/given something from/to that film or were startling coincidences :)

Today I rode in the way I would normally drive, as I couldn't be arsed with going through town and I was late anyway. I was riding along in the fast lane on the M5 doing about 80, having just passed a few vehicles. I noticed a BMW (possibly an M3 or M5) behind me, obviously wanting to overtake. There were more vehicles I wanted to get past so I sped up to 100.. to my surprise (after a fashion) he kept up! So I opened it right out and shot up to 120.. hehe. That left him behind ;) I do love being on a fast bike ;)

I think there's going to be a pub lunch to say our final farewells to cavu. I have to talk to him about the money I owe him and about him getting my car back to me. I can't believe he's washed it! Silly man ;)

And this weekend kissycat1000 and I will be in Leicester visiting purrthecat - YAY! :)

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