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After more expense and delays, the garage pulled out their finger and got the car ready on the Friday evening after they said they wouldn't be able to, but didn't bother telling me. So I called up just before they closed on Saturday at midday, as suggested, in case they'd been able to squeeze it in then. Anyway, I have it at long last! I've cleaned it and had the adventure of filling it up with LPG (my first time with LPG! £~26 for a 60L tank!)

I'm really rather chuffed :)

Lexus LS400 front
Lexus LS400 front

Lexus LS400 three-quarters
Lexus LS400 three-quarters

I need to peel off the remaining red reflective strips and cable-tie up the air-dam and maybe repaint it, get hold of two more covers for the alloys, touch up the little bits of rust and give it a t-cut.

Not been able to tax it yet; hopefully I'll be able to get hold of some insurance documents and get it taxed when I have them :)

I badly want to have a pimp-off with edwards :)

Also today I finally had some chippies in to replace two doors and fit two catflaps; soon Ratchet will be able to go outside. The chippies did a grand job, so I'll be having them back in to do the kitchen and other bits around the house when I have the time and money.

Unfortunately I didn't realise the doors would come untreated; I've done one coat inside and out on both doors, but I need to do another two. Also, I made a small tactical error - the front door's glass is completely transparent. It needs to be obscured as at the moment people can just see right in. I'll pop into B&Q tomorrow in between the second and third coats.

All this has left me feeling rather poor. But a lot richer :)
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