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Bike procrastination

An interesting situation has arisen.. it would appear that the chain is part of a bike MOT - fairly obvious, one might think. Still, better to be safe than sorry, I ordered a chain and sprocket set with the intention of getting it fitted at the same time as the MOT and carb strip happening at the weekend.

The friendly parts person called me up to tell me that the chain and sprocket set had arrived, then went on to tell me that I shouldn't have to pay for it. So now I had it on authority.. so I talked to the service manager and confirmed the chain was part of the MOT with her, and that a friend of mine had said it was badly worn. She said she'd get back to me that it would be replaced as part of the MOT.

When she didn't get back a few hours later, I called up again and spoke to her. She went off to find out about it then and there and came back with the argument that I hadn't brought it up at time of sale; I countered that I had it in writing on the sales receipt that I only agreed to the sale with the provision of the carb strip and MOT being done (parts and labour) subsequently to my handing the money over.

She was forced to agree.. so now I sit wondering if they'll try to skimp on the MOT knowing they have to foot the bill of any faults they find? I wonder also if I ought to drop a few friendly hints about getting second opinions..?

I think I've settled definitely on going to talk to the mechanics who will actually be performing the MOT on my bike, in a kind a friendly way. At the very least they will know I'm a genuine person and hopefully wouldn't want to knowingly give me back a bike that was unsafe to ride, despite what their boss might tell them.

Hell, the parts man was friendly enough, and free enough with his advice too...

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