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Being green - just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic?

This Guardian article on an interview with James Lovelock makes a lot of sense. Not only that, but he has a proven track record for predictions too.

I've always felt that individual efforts are not really productive in the grand scheme of things, and that ultimately humanity's collective short sighted nature will be their undoing.

Personally, I partake in green initiatives where it is convenient or useful to me, but I won't go out of my way to 'be green'. Some people feel this is hypocritical but Lovelock's opinions are the first proper expression I've found of how I feel about it all.

rodneyorpheus goes a step further and points out that the real problem is that there are simply too many people in the world (to carry on with our current lifestyles). Well that'll get solved soon, according to Lovelock.

One thing Lovelock does mention is that people need a sense of purpose. This touches on things I've said in the past; one of the main troubles I think there is with our overpopulated, anonymous and responsibility-free lifestyles. Perhaps this global event will unite the human race in a new sense of purpose, for those who recognise, adapt and survive it?
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