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Bah humbug. I dropped my bike and smashed the front right indicator (and put some stratches in the fairing) on Tuesday night. I very nearly couldn't get the thing upright again - it took several attempts and about 5 minutes, with petrol leaking out and all sorts *sigh*. I had attempted to get it on the centre stand and it overbalanced..

I was productive on Monday - updated our project internal website and felt good about things :) Afterwards I went round to kissycat1000's.

Tuesday I worked from home *ahem*.. in the morning we went round to see kissycat1000's local geek friend Pete (and friends) who I got on well with - we both sat there and teased kissycat1000... ;) He's offered to help me install FreeBSD on a box of mine sometime, which I may very well take him up on as it would be a great learning experience..

Before we went out I adjusted the chain on my bike as it was quite slack. After a demonstration of my god-like powers at fitting-all-the-shopping-in-the-top-box-despite-reservations we got back home. I updated my CV quite a lot and sent it off to an agency and applied to a couple of jobs. Felt quite good about doing all of that and I'll wait to see what happens - I may go in and speak to them in person so I can establish someone to pester for a job :)

That evening we arranged to go out with kissycat1000's dad and his girlfriend on their bike to a couple of biker pubs, which was a lot of fun - trying to keep up with him was.. interesting. He was riding one of his three bikes, an S-reg Triumph Speed Triple. I asked him to take a look at the chain on my bike as it appeared to be slack again and he told me that it was quite badly worn and should be replaced.. *sigh* that's about 150 quid for the chain and sprocket set including labour, which will happen this weekend along with the replacement indicator and a new rubber piece for the left footrest (another 30 quid for the two) when it goes in for the carb strip and MOT (luckily those two are part of the buying price including work for the MOT).

I'd just sat down and worked out money for next month and I had 100 quid spare.. and that was being reasonably frugal. This is going to be an interesting few months, as kissycat1000 and I are both strapped for cash.

It was after we got home that I had the 'accident' with the bike. So I was supposed to be going in to work on Wednesday but ended up staying again at kissycat1000's.

Wednesday - didn't manage to get the indicator fixed but did tape it up safely. Did some more work on the website from *ahem* home and had a bit of a late night with Jordan - but not as late as poor kissycat1000 who eventually ended up taking Jordan out for a drive at some ungodly hour in the morning. Still, she can catch up a little during the day.

Today - well I've got into work and haven't done much so far. I might be meeting cavu for lunch today and then we'll be having a BBQ for him this evening at the place I actually pay rent at (despite not really living there much atm it would seem).

So my plan seems to be to go into the office today and tomorrow with the BBQ this evening for cavu, then riding tomorrow afternoon to Cheltenham to drop the bike off to be sorted out before kissycat1000 and I go to see purrthecat, jebuscrust and jessie_pup (amongst others?) for what is probably going to be a chilled weekend watching videos, playing games and getting wasted :)

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