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General work and bike ramblings

As you all know it's been rather hectic the last few weeks. This, coupled with the depression in the market and knock-on effect for our morales here, the lack of work and the lack of reward/recognition for our work has left me feeling rather down. Of course, I'm not the only one feeling down, and in fact as far as work goes I've actually been usefully employed for longer than some of my colleagues.

Frustrated with all of this I had slid into a bad lack-of-motivation pit with no real reason to want to climb out of it. However, I'm pleased to report that I have decided on a course of action which is giving me motivation and direction.

I have decided to update my external CV and send it off to agencies and see what work is on offer. I realise it's not the best time to look, but I'm not planning on moving straight away. I just want to put some feelers out and if there is something that catches my eye I will persue it and see where it leads me.

This I will do whilst working from home *ahem* at kissycat1000's tomorrow along with the Sun Solaris sysadmin course and exam, so I can get myself up to speed for the exam and become fully certified (no, not for the mental assylum. That happened long ago).

Since making that decision I have been able to actually do some productive work and fix problems I had been having - a great feeling :).

Unfortunately there was one other thing that pissed me off this morning - the bike was being a bitch. It died so badly when I tried to pull away that I ended up dropping it (read: overbalancing and ending up lying the bike down gently before picking it back up). It died a few more times as I was riding along and leaked petrol when I filled it up at the station (note to self: only fill up when ALREADY on the side stand...).

I called the garage to mention the problems and they assured me that it would be fixed by the carb strip at the weekend. I hope they're right or at least willing to do whatever it takes to fix it or they'll be hearing a side of me not many people do...

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