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Not quite right

This morning I have a dehydration headache. Last night the meal came out too late, and too much like glue; still, I'll know for next time not to trust the recipie implicitly. I'm feeling quite down, and the weather appears to agree with me. I've taken a 5-HTP.

I'm aware that I have a block of free time to do all the things I've been promising to do. I also want to be realistic and keep focussed on the primary thing - finding a new source of income. I also get the general feeling that Something Is Wrong™.

I think I need to socialise more. As I don't have an income I won't spend unnecessarily, but visiting people is necessary, so that's not really a problem. So anyone who wants me to visit, whether close by or far away, whether for a couple of hours or a couple of days, let me know :)
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