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And now, the news I've all been waiting for (sic)

Just had a meeting with $DEPARTMENT_BOSS and she has confirmed my thoughts that my role is no longer required. This means I start a 2 week consultation period on Thursday to help me find another suitable role within the company. I came to the meeting with both an internal job that I thought may be suitable and also a proposal for a programme that I'd be the central point for that utilises my skills and past experience within the company.

This comes as a massive relief. My last official communication with $OLD_BOSS, where he denied that the role was redundant, made me feel like the problem must therefore be me. I'm so relieved $DEPARTMENT_BOSS sees things the way I do and confirmed my original thoughts.

Of course, this does mean that I need to find a new position within 2 weeks or be made redundant, the precise remuneration details of which I don't yet know. But at the moment this is a small concern as I have savings that should last me at least 6 months, should it come to that, and I have a chance to change my focus.

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