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So the inevitable happened..

.. which was quite surprising really as it wasn't planned until late on Friday. What's that, I hear you cry? Well, kissycat1000 met my parents. It went well as I expected - never had any doubts. Couldn't quite say the same for kissycat1000..

Still, despite all worries it was really good. Ate fattening but very nice home-made wiener schnitzel with saute potatoes at my mum's with my mum's boyfriend Bill and my Grandpa.

Bill decided it was very funny to tell me about a photograph he took of my mum whilst on holiday, then decided it would be even funnier to not only show me the photos, but specifically pick out the photo in question and show it to me! Argh! Ah well, I dropped him in it ;)

Then the coup-de-grace; my mum decided to pass me the holiday prezzie she brought back from Greece for me to me to open at the dinner table.. a set of six pornographic coasters! Oh dear, well we looked at them and grinned ;) As I said to kissycat1000, it's been a few years but I've got used to my parents being rude in front of me now. Still a bit of a shock I suppose.. especially as all this was when kissycat1000 was meeting them for the first time!

We went for a nice dog walk, looked at lots of narrowboats and locks, which kissycat1000 likes. A narrowboating weekend was suggested at some point :) If Rob and kissycat1000 sort it out, it might be possible to do some of these things with Tianna, and look after Jordan other weekends to let Rob do the same. This will be really nice for her :)

Made a suggestion to mum to which she was reasonably receptive. More details on that when the plans are more solid :)

Then we drove down to see Ollie, my step-brother, in Portsmouth. That was fun :) We got there, drank a few beers, Ollie and I played a bit of Worms and then we crashed out.. on the chairs. Ollie very graciously lent us his double bed for the night and went to sleep downstairs! We eventually woke up (really tired; must've been the first chance to actually relax for a while) and watched Asterix on telly.. that was weird. I'll never forgive them for giving them completely the wrong voices. The drawings were quite true to the books though.

Ollie had had a bad night's sleep (he's not been sleeping well anyway he tells us) so he woke up (er - was woken up) a little before we were due to leave, so we only had time for a quick chat again before we left.

Still, with a quick detour to the seafront (kissycat1000 had never seen a ferry irl!!) we set off to meet my dad and Lyn, my step-mum. The seafront was another thing that was noted down for a future visit, going skating/biking with Ollie and going to the funfair etc.. all things Tianna could do as well :)

Had lunch with dad and Lyn; soup with very nice homemade bread and nut & bean salad. Talked about a few things, saw some pictures of me when I was younger (see - SOME of us aren't embarrased :p).

Drove back, quite knackered. Was very glad to see the bike was still there. I was a bit worried as I hadn't been able to chain it to anything..

Sorely tempted to follow kissycat1000 up on the bike ;).. but stopped myself. What with the bike and other bits and pieces I will be rather short on money.. and I just got a letter through from the bank telling me that only the first 500 quid of my overdraft is interest free now.. so I suppose I'd better try and get rid of that other 1500 quid ;) <geek mode> That and I want to save up to buy an AMD Clawhammer or maybe even a dual processor Sledgehammer system in the new year... </geek mode>

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