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My secretary has kindly written my entry for most of last week.. click here to read what kissycat1000 has written!

Can't really remember what happened on Monday evening but I doubt it was interesting. Oh wait.. now I remember. In fact, I remember why I don't remember.. I had a MASSIVE hangover.. oops.

Went out with goddesssnoweh and cavu to the Hen and Chicken.. got VERY VERY drunk. It was very cathartic actually. Er, but I remember we got rather boisterous, jumping around and I ended up smashing two of the railings. The person on charge that shift was a matronly woman figure, quite young but wearing oval rimmed glasses with short coloured and styled hair.. rather officious. I don't think she took kindly to our antics. In fact, goddesssnoweh later told me she refused to serve me or her later on. Oops..

So work was written off the next day; the plan was to work from home then go and work from kissycat1000's in the afternoon anticipating Colin's visit.

nemy DID love the bike ride - that was fantastic *grin*. Shame I couldn't convince cryx to share and enjoy.. ;) I managed to scare Ruth also.. she liked the ride there.. just not the ride back. I did tell her I was going to go a bit quicker... *grin*. Aah well.

Today I went to the pub with cavu who kindly lent me money as I have completely run out due to much bike-buying extravagance :) Later on I will be following him to the car hire place and giving him a lift back to mine where kissycat1000 will be coming along for the weekend. It looks like we're all off down the Hen and Chicken again (I wonder if they've barred us..?)

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