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A whole lotta nothing

Haven't said much because, well, not a lot has been going on. The last couple of weeks, barring travelling to London for the course, have been spent lazing around at home. This weekend we've all been feeling a bit run down and consequently doing very little, other than gaming and watching films.

Didn't get any exercise last week due to being on the course, and now it's frosty so I'm not looking forwards to trying to get back into the swing of things. I'll be cycling to roleplaying tonight, though.

I did spend a bit of money, on an OK steering wheel, which I took back, and then a nice steering wheel, which has yet to arrive. Oh, and also some nice surround speakers, which prove to me I really need to change my surround and centre amplification, which is going to be expensive :/

ev1ldonut and I are getting better at Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance (although we still have resources set to 2x)

Oh, one interesting thing I did do, was decide that if VirginMedia wouldn't offer a better deal on broadband, we'd switch. We were on 4Mb down, 384Kb up, cheapest telephone and free TV deal for £36 a month, and I was looking at switching to up to 24Mb down, 1.3Mb up, cheapest telephone and freeview TV for £29 a month. Virgin came back and offered us 20Mb (guaranteed, but still subject to their traffic shaping) down, 768Kb up with the rest the same for £34.50 a month for the first 12 months. So with the reduced hassle, more for less and the fact that Virgin will be getting DOCSIS 3 sometime in 2008 (50Mb/s anyone?), we decided to stay with them. Anyone else who's on Virgin may want to look into getting more for less. The company I was looking at going with for broadband was BeThere.
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