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Weird things that have happened..

Starting with the most weird:
  • Getting mistaken for a fruit and veg seller while waiting for hauntedunix outside Goodge Street station and handing a punter a blue plastic bag and being asked about mangos before I recovered enough to respond that I didn't work there (just as the stall owner appeared and said the same thing at the same time)
  • Setting off a smoke alarm briefly in my hotel room with post-dinner gassiness
  • Realising that the music being played at breakfast was the theme from the Lord of the Rings movies. Then they started playing the theme from Harry Potter...
  • Being in central London but finding myself in a really quiet part of it..
  • ..quiet enough to realise that the regular periodic rumbling I could hear in my hotel room was probably the underground, which struck me as bizarre
Tags: whimsical

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