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In the avoidance of accidents

On our way back from Crawley yesterday afternoon, we were turning onto the M4 from the M25. The gantry signs had recently flashed 60, and were now displaying 40 - accident on slip road. I slowed right down as I could see stationary traffic, but it turned out to be on the slip road going into London, not the opposite way that we were going. Some cars were trying to cut across the hatching.

I could see a car approaching in my rear view mirror, and I thought they were going a bit fast. I was going fairly slowly by this point, but the approaching car didn't seem to have realised I had slowed down and there was other stationary traffic.

I repeatedly pumped my brake to flash my brake lights at them, at which point the driver slammed on their brakes and locked up their wheels, the screech audible and smoke visible in my mirror. As I had slowed down I now had space in front of me, so I started accelerating to escape. As it turned out, I didn't really need to, thankfully. I also let in one of the people trying to cross the hatching.

With a bit of foresight through experience, it is possible to avoid some accidents. Always leave yourself an escape route.

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