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General update

On Friday the bloke came to 'fix' my new sofa - turns out the motor under the sofa was simply unplugged. I didn't check it at all because it should just work, right? Plus I didn't want to be accused of doing stuff to the sofa to invalidate the warrantee. The guy also removed a blemish too, so his visit wasn't completely wasted..

On Saturday I spent a couple of hours clearing up and out the kitchen in preparation for the arrival of the new kitten, Ratchet, on Sunday. Then I left to go to rillaith's board games weekend in celebration of truemortality's birthday. I played a few games, left my overnight stuff there (by accident) and came home the same day, to get a good night's sleep and some space to myself on the Sunday.

Sunday, nothing very interesting happened thankfully (I played lots of computer games including The Witcher, which is pretty and possibly quite fun; undecided yet) until the evening, when Ratchet arrived. Poor little bugger must have felt quite a wrench, but ate and did his business in the litter tray, so I considered that a success for the first day. ev1ldonut was somewhat more persistent and managed to get him to fall asleep in his lap, but he was still rather skittish, leaping out when something startled him.

This morning he allowed me to stroke him and he purred, which was good - means he's not 'argh people!', just 'argh new everything!'.

Also, I woke up at 4:30am again this morning. One sleeping pill doesn't seem to be enough any more :(. Due to some changes in arrangements this evening I'll most likely be driving instead of cycling, which is not ideal.

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