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Tired, but working

I'm still shockingly tired at present, but I seem to be making progress with stuff I'm doing, plus I've actually got some main role stuff to do too! I may even be busy for a while!

In other news, I took the old sofas outside and had a word with them with a hammer. They complied and fell apart, however one of them put up a struggle and hit back with a piece of wood when I stepped on it and it flew up into my face! There were nails and everything! I guess I'm quite lucky that it hit my cheekbone and didn't hit higher or lower.

Getting the terracotta sofa into the car was a struggle, and getting it out again at the recycling centre was even more traumatic even with the help of a kindly employee. I then had to rush back and put the second sofa in the car (much easier thankfully) and get back to the recycling centre before it shut, then get some food from McDonald's (urgh, I was stuck that end of town and was pushed for time) before going to pick up sasha37 to help him sort out his computer.

Turns out it was just the PSU that had gone, and after a bit of crapness on my part with power lead fuses we were off. Everything's backed up, and with some generosity from chocojon he'll be up and running again for this weekend's LAN.

Oh yeah, don't forget the LAN this weekend folks! :)

Work this morning was interesting.. arrived on time for once to find the building was locked with a sign stating 'faulty lock', and that a locksmith was on his way. Upon examination, the fault was that the end of the key was in the lock. I figured that if it could be turned as is, the door could be unlocked and we could get in. It turned, but I couldn't unlock it with my finger alone. Someone else reminded us that the alarm was still set, so we shouldn't open the door until someone who could disarm the alarm was there. Unfortunately, another guy who had overheard me unlocked the door somehow (maybe he had pliers?), and a third guy turned up and tried the door as we were stood around, setting off the alarm :/

Thankfully the alarm was quickly turned off, but not before the police arrived...
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