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Good/Bad (again)

Good: Hellgate London is good enough that I may even *shock* buy it!
Bad: Can't play it now.
Good: I fixed the problem with not being able to VPN into work! Seems the latest kernel upgrade on frontier for FC5 comes with the right modules to load to get it working :)
Bad: I woke up at 5:49am today, unable to go back to sleep. Don't feel much like working now.
Good: The sofas arrived!
Bad: Getting the old ones out and the new ones in was a pig of a job. One of the recliners doesn't, and there's a blemish on a part of a sofa (barely noticable).
Good: The shop are sending someone to fix the problems.
Bad: Disposing of the packaging and old sofas.
Good: Get to see a good friend tonight :)
Bad: fix his computer.

Karma appears to be in balance :)
Tags: whimsical

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