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Support and Pancakes

Well, it would seem to have been a night of support and pancakes last night.

Jon had mentioned earlier about going out to Mandy's on asking but didn't expect me to be able to make it as I usually find something last minute to do or just can't be arsed. Of course I feel guilty about not making it to most of Jon's things as Jon is a good friend of mine but I don't get to spend much time with him when he's not stressed (read: not at home).

So after getting over a brief snap of tiredness I resolved to go with Jon to Mandy's and be sociable, but Sam came in wanting to talk about her situation with Andy. Ended up spending an hour or so talking to her - meanwhile Jon popped his head in and asked if I was coming with him to which I had to reply no. Jon simply said 'thought as much' and departed. He did understand when I turned up later on with Burney (who arrived a little later) that I had to talk to Sam.

And of course I was amazingly insensitive and managed to upset kissycat1000 - I should have listened more instead of jumping in with my unwelcome opinions. *Sigh* - I can't be perfect (as if) all the time :(. I'd just that second finished talking to Sam and was in my cold hard 'tell it to my friends like it is' mood and didn't snap out of it. That's not an excuse though.

Just been speaking to kissycat1000 this morning though - she seems better, and perhaps ready (and wanting?) to talk a little about why I said what I did.

Sam has just had the implant too so of course this is all bad timing (as it always is) - I think they should talk to each other. They used to be good friends at one point I remember...

Anyway the pancakes at Mandy's were fun - there were about 10 people all squeezed in her tiny kitchen. One of them was an American girl called Rachel (sp?). We kept catching each other's eye which was interesting, but I was in a loud aggressive mood and don't think I made the best impression. I could have done with a drink to calm me down but I don't think it would have done or in fact have been a good idea, so I didn't.

Had lots of fun with cornflour and water (it is a liquid until it get stressed when it acts like a solid - try stirring it!) and general boisterous fun. Jon was friendly and seemed in a good mood which was nice. Managed to put Burney down a few times which upset me - I don't like it when I do that.

Well I should get on with my documentation as I've managed to spend the last 40 mins writing this...

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