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Knowledge, learning and awareness: Relevant right now (see procrastination)

You know when you embark on a task, you realise it's going to require some learning. I think there are four stages to this learning process (I've googled but I can't find anything that quite matches what I'm going to say here):

don't havehave
2. Discovery3. Pain
1. Ignorance4. Victory!

  1. Ignorance. Here you aren't aware you don't have the knowledge, and you also don't have the knowledge. Ignorance is bliss!
  2. Discovery. You start on the task and become quickly aware that you don't have the knowledge.
  3. Pain. You start learning about the knowledge, but all you are aware of at this stage is just how much you don't know! Pain! (incidentally, this is where I am now and hence why I'm procrastinating *grin*)
  4. Victory! You have the knowledge and are no longer aware of the lack of it.

Aside: isn't know a stupid word?!
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