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An improvement

Well I'm at work on a Wednesday, first time in four weeks. This is an improvement. However, sleeping continues to be an issue - I also seem to be sleeping very lightly at present which causes problems when I try to share a bed with kissycat1000 during the week - not an ideal situation by any stretch of the imagination.

I remember having an anxiety dream last night where I was supposed to be making a call to a work meeting at 4pm although I was at home ill. I remember realising the time was something like 4:06pm or 4:07pm and not dialling in for fear of turning up late, and of course feeling guilty about missing the call.

I'm feeling a bit more chipper though thanks to all your reassurance on my last post, and I'm starting to arrange social things too :)

I need icons of all my hobbies (crossed out ones I already have icons for): hifi, roleplaying, geeking (I have several), poker, boardgames, computer gaming, cycling, archery (will be starting that soon, hopefully!) and I could do with a few other icons for moods.

I have an 'eyes down' icon which represents a number of moods, but I could do with one for when I'm feeling emo (self flagellating) rather than actually down. I also need another one other than my 'nice fish' one for a general icon, preferably that doesn't contain my face. I also need a distinct (from my LJ icons) one for FaceBook that represents me - a caricature or symbol, perhaps? Any suggestions or offers of help gratefully received!
Tags: health, update, whimsical

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