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So recently...

I haven't had the urge to update recently. I blame Facebook, not that I've been doing anything on there either.

Life is fairly busy in a moderately good way, I'm playing Overlord which is fun :)

Yesterday was a bit of a exhausting day. I had to go to London for a meeting. So, I got up and reconnected my car battery as my car had decided not to centrally unlock, hence the alarm was going off and the car was immobilised. Luckily being disconnected for the night seemed to do the trick and the central locking operated again, turning off the alarm.

So I set off home, had some cereal and walked to the train station to catch the 09:02 to London to get there for my 6 hour 12:00 meeting. On arriving and getting to the front of the queue I discovered my wallet wasn't in my bag. One panicked call to kissycat1000 later and she was coming to my rescue. Due to a slight miscommunication she gave me £100 cash which took her two cash points to trace down. Trouble is it might not have been enough, and besides, I'd missed the 09:02 train anyway. I decided to go and 'look' for my wallet using the loc8tor I'd bought.

Turned out it wasn't at my home or in my car, so I surmised it must be at kissycat1000's house. Turned up there just as T called kissycat1000 to let her know a neighbour had found it and rung the doorbell in the hopes that there was a $MYNAME (from my card) there..

Back to the station and I safely bought tickets and was on the 09:46 train. Only.. when the ticket inspector came to check my tickets he looked at it very puzzled for a good ten seconds before stamping it and moving on his way. I looked at the ticket afterwards and realised that after asking for a ticket to "Goodge Street" I'd been given a ticket to "Goostrey". Wherever that was (now I know of course). After considerable scratching of heads, in a BR staff being friendly and helpful shocker, he managed to give me an excess ticket, with the correct station names on, that would work on the underground, for only ~£9 or so extra.

So finally I arrived an hour late for my 6 hour meeting.

Then I got back on the train and headed home, exhausted. I dozed off listening to some music, but upon moving to the recently vacated seat next to me to give myself and the person sat on the opposite side of the table to me some legroom, she asked if I'd like a drink. Caught somewhat off-guard I simply replied "Umm.." before she went on to explain that she wanted a drink but didn't like to drink alone. A little unsure, but not one to turn down a free drink, I cautiously agreed. In hindsight it was probably something to do with the t-shirt I was wearing that day that said in small writing: "sober - n. a disturbing period of time between drinking sessions".

As it was I had a good natter with her about all sorts of things and actually reminded me of some helpful financial advice.

Got home to discover no one had turned up for poker, which was the point of me going home and not staying for the free meal in London with my work colleagues. Aah well. I had bolognaise and played more Overlord :)
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