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Well I'm back at work after a full and tiring week 'off'. I've still not decided what to do about Rob's comment on my post here. I'll write about the weekend when I have decided what to do.

However, I want to make an entry about now - Got a work email today basically saying that the company wants to make the salary review process more unified across the company, and in that light and the current market conditions is going to postpone the July 2002 salary review until December 1st 2002. Abso-fucking-lutely great. So the last salary review was cancelled, this one postponed.. it's a joke. We will have 18 months of salary reviews owed to us by Dec 2002. I bet they will only consider the last 6 months (when there is no work going around). I'm going to find out if anything happened due to the enquiries that were made on my behalf.

Still, on a positive note, I think I'm going to buy the bike. I'm a mad fool, but I can actually afford it if I think about it and it's something I've sorely missed for a long time.

Still got this cold, more later.

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