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R&R.. supposedly..

Recovering from the cave party (which was excellent even if I wasn't feeling very well and went to bed first) I'm watching more Ulysses 31. I may have made a post on this topic before but I don't think I realised just how much influence this cartoon series had on my life. I owe my liking of space, anime, Greek mythology, roleplaying, rock music (EDIT) and long hair to its influences. Fantastic!

As I was saying, the cave party was excellent. A return to a simple life - straightforward problems like 'How do I get there?' and 'How do we get this tree down without killing anyone?' and 'How do we get this fire started without petrol?' ;)

dylan has already put up some photos along with his account. My photos are rubbish, as usual. I did take some video too but that was also rubbish. I blame being pissed and my equipment. Yes, I am a bad workman ;P

R&R now, and more Ulysses 31 :)

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