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What on earth am I doing up at this time?

Argh. Well actually it's because I have been lying in bed thinking about how I can afford another motorbike. It's not so much the motorbike that bothers me, it's the insurance. I've been quoted nearly 1300 quid for third party fire and theft on the bike I really want, a british racing green M reg Triumph Trophy 900. Most of it is because of my rather large collection of endorsements on my license, along with the claim for the stolen bike, as well as the fact the bike I want is BIG and LUSH. I just tried to work out how much next years insurance would be assuming all went well on one of the online insurers but their system kept getting confused and logging me out. I will probably wait until they actually open at 9 and try again then.

On Thursday I went around to kissycat1000 (sound familiar?) for the day.. bimbled around Cheltenham and bumped into James, friend who went to uni and knew my ex vaguely and who also worked at Logica for a short while. We scared him by taking him into JJ's, a sort of goth shop. He actually bought a spikey t-shirt for his trip to Ibiza which he should be going on today (yay!) and kissycat1000 found a basque she really liked. I did the honourable thing and dissuaded her for the time being as she has little money. Her and shops - what a terrible combination!

Eventually headed off to Oxford for the evening to meet uberredfraggle and diffrentcolours. Well, got to the Gloucester Arms pub, met uberredfraggle who had hurt herself earlier falling down some stairs. Nothing broken but in quite considerable pain *gentle hug*. There were a load of her friends there too - Sarah, friendly New Zealander, a bloke called Al who was from Bermuda and his quiet girlfriend Emily? A bloke I remember seeing at Ozzfest with dark hair that I can't remember, and possibly a few others coming and going.

I started drinking.

Things went pretty well for the first half of the evening. Met Ripley, who complimented me very nicely and seemed pretty decent himself :) diffrentcolours arrived from work and joined in. I think Sarah was quite shocked when I started touching him.. whoops *grin*.

At some point later I ran out of money, having bought a few drinks for people. They started buying me drinks in return.. I didn't even have to get up! This was bad. I went through merrily pissed into right-roaringly mashed. Oh dear. And it was roughly at this point that I don't really recall much of the rest of the evening, so I invite diffrentcolours and uberredfraggle to comment on this post to help me fill in the blanks.. er.. I think I'm going to regret this. I've heard vague clues but I just can't remember.

Suffice to say I suffered a large hangover the next morning, and to my surprise wasn't stirred by diffrentcolours in the morning, who had left me to crash in the front room (probably for the best). When I eventually woke at a reasonable hour it was already 10am. Argh! I knew the car was left in a dodgy location. However, I didn't actually know where I was. I managed to grab a bus into town and find my way back to the road I'd parked in. I got back to the car to discover... a parking ticket. Bummer. Still, it's only 20 quid if I pay within 14 days. I'm going to write though.. see if I can get off.

Spent the next half hour sitting quietly in the car trying to feel a little better. I had drunk some water in the morning and it had made me feel better so I bought a mug of tea at a local cafe and drank that slowly. Eventually I decided to drive back to kissycat1000's. Got back alright with pretty good timing, spent the rest of the day recovering and wandering around Cheltenham with kissycat1000. Bumped into James AGAIN (is he following us?) and then found the bike shop... where kissycat1000 tried on helmets and gloves to see what was what. Oh dear, and we also saw the Triumph too.. *drool* I mean feast your eyes on this:

It's the right colour and everything, has the paniers that the one in the shop did. Oh, oh, woe is me. I will be very broke if I'm not careful.

Got back home and had a worrying conversation with kissycat1000, but it's actually better now than it was before for her, I am so glad. Burney was around, Nick came around a little later and we played Munchkin, a really silly card-based roleplaying game. Lots of fun. Got nice food cooked for me by chocojon, tried to find out about bike insurance and catch up on LJ.

And so here I am this morning. Argh!

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