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Back from my travels

I got back from my travels on Wednesday night after quite a fantastic ride back from Brighton to Cheltenham where I got a little lost and thought I'd run out of fuel at one point. I recuperated briefly at kissycat1000's before we both visited ninneviane on Thursday, which was refreshing. Hopefully we'll be able to spend a little more time with ninneviane together every once in a while :)

On Sunday evening I decided to take a picture of my mother's cat Raffy, and that I should take a picture of each place I visited from then on to send to kissycat1000. Here are those pictures:

beeby's cat, Raffy.

blaadyblah's lounge.

olsw and I playing scrabble, with my amusing arrangement of letters.

One slight problem: I acquired a parking ticket in Brighton on my bike for being 'Parked in a permit space without displaying a valid permit'. I wonder just how I'm supposed to display a valid permit on a motorcycle! I will be contesting this, I think.

Recently I have replaced the central support on my bed with a firmer version, changed bedsheets and duvet for a 4.5 tog version, somewhat cleared and hoovered the house, done washing, agreed to finally pay dylan for his CD player now I have a hifi worth using his CD player with, bid on and won a Yamaha DSP-E800 amplifier for the centre and rear channels (the same model kissycat1000 has), placed an advert for my car, broken and fixed a light fitting in the loft and listened to my now rather nice hifi :)

The only thing I haven't done that I wanted to do was sort out computers - build a PC for Jordan with the parts that ev1ldonut and I have spare, and also build a new (storage) beast for me. With having spent as much as I have, I'll probably have to wait another month or so until I can afford it, let alone spare the time to look at all of it.

On Monday I go back to work and the promise of the 'new projects', which both scares me and excites me. It'll probably be an anti-climax in one way or another, so I shouldn't get too wound up about it.

Tonight I am babysitting while the others go to see Cats; the rest of the weekend nina321 is around. Time for a nice winding down weekend before I go back to work on Monday, I think :)
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