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So far..

So far this holiday has cost me around ~£1500 and I suspect it will be around ~£2000 or possibly even more by the time I've finished. However, that's bought me an AudioLab 8000Q and 2x 8000Ms. Sounds fantastic :) The downside is I now need matching amplification for my centre and rears, and a phono amp as well as the 8000Q doesn't have one - more expense :/.

kissycat1000 also ended up buying speakers which also sound fantastic :)

Today I put up a house number on my house (finally!), cleared out my utility area, fitted a fluorescent tube, repaired a lightswitch, cleaned a fridge and a freezer, ran around like a headless chicken trying to get everything inside the house when it started raining, putting more carpetting in place, then finally getting it back into the right place in the utility area. Soon we will swap over the food from the current fridge/freezer which is at the wrong end of the kitchen to the fridge which is closer, and the freezer out in the utility area. Now I just need to hire a plumber to put hot, cold and waste pipes in to the utility area and then I can put the washing machine out there too :)

A nice steak with kissycat1000 (except hers didn't come up to strach, disappointingly) tonight.

Tomorrow I start off on my tour. I haven't really arranged much aside from visiting izzy_stradlin.. but I'm sure I'll make it up as I'm going along ;)
Tags: hifi, holiday, oopsies, shinies, update

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