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Facebook privacy concerns

I guess I'm more paranoid than most about this, but I feel that privacy is like entropy. Privacy can only be made worse, not better. Once something is revealed, it's kind of hard to take it back, and it's difficult to know what sorts of things will be possible in the future. Just because revealing certain details about yourself now is OK, doesn't mean that your decision might not turn around and bite you in the ass later. Take for example my decision to use my face in my icons. This has been fine, but I wrote a piece in the past about the increasing ease with which people can utilise software to identify faces. This makes my earlier decision around using my face in my icons look possibly ill-advised.

Facebook, however, goes one step further. It allows people to inform a computer (and people) that several different photos of a person are indeed the same person, and link that person back to a profile containing information. Admittedly, you can control what information is in that profile, and also you can (allegedly) moderate what photos get tagged as being 'you' - but let's face it (sorry), that's kind of the main point of Facebook, to be able to tag photos for people, isn't it? And as for controlling the profile, I can't help but think that once the software has a really good idea who you are, and if people follow the 'get 2 facebooks, one for your online identity and one for your professional/real life identity' - it wouldn't take genius software to make the match and then the game is up.

What worries me is that Facebook is in a prime position to do the same as Gracenote once did with user-entered CDDB data and sell access to it to whomever wants to use it?

Thoughts? So am I just being uber-paranoid? Is it too late already, and I should just shrug my shoulders and get on with it?
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