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Medieval Banquet update

Right, I've finally spoken to Cardiff Castle with respect to the Medieval Banquet I'm proposing for my 30th. At present, they have a tour operator provisionally booked for 40 of the 104 places on the first two and most promising dates we were interested in - 18th August and 1st September. The trouble is that the tour operator may not know their final numbers (and may pull out altogether) until a week or even just a couple of days before the event is due to be held, so this makes planning a bitch.

So, the current plan is to go for the first date: 18th August 2007. If this falls through, we may still be able to go for the 1st September.

The problem is under capacity, rather than over capacity - they require 40 people to make the event worth doing. At present I have around 20 people for either date.

So, I've asked ev1ldonut and kissycat1000 to pimp the event on their journals - I'm sure there are others who would be interested in coming along if they knew about it. Tell your friends! Better yet, BRING your friends!

I'd like to start collecting payments on the following terms:
  1. If the event doesn't go ahead I'll refund you all in full.
  2. If the event gets rescheduled and you can't make the new date I'll refund you in full.
  3. If the event makes the 40 capacity minimum and goes ahead, but you can't make it, I'll refund you in full, with the following exception:
  4. If the event makes the 40 capacity minimum, but you dropping out after you've paid means we'd be under capacity AND it's less than 2 weeks to go to the event, I'll have to keep the money to cover the costs.
The exception is necessary otherwise people won't have enough time to organise (cheaper) transport to the event. It's no worse than buying a ticket for any other event, after all; you could still sell your ticket onto a friend to recoup your costs that way.

So, with that above, can those of you who are interested in attending a Medieval Banquet on 18th August 2007 at Cardiff Castle do three things:
  1. Fill out the poll below, stating you intend to pay and indicating how many people you represent
  2. Pay for that number of people in full (@ £35 each) to the following sort code: 40-22-12 and account number: 41440845, with a reference of your livejournal name or other name I will be able to uniquely identify you from. (Don't worry, this is a savings account that can only transfer money to my account)
  3. Update the poll to reflect your payment.
Due to the amounts of money involved, I cannot make exceptions to the above or promises of payments from anyone.

Poll #1001134 Medieval Banquet payments

How many are you bringing to / paying for the Medieval Banquet on 18th August 2007, including yourself?

5+ (please provide more details in comments)

I have paid you in full for the number of people above.


I'll update this post as I confirm receipt of money from people.

So far I've received money from the following people:
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