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A sign?

Today I managed to forget to take in my pass for work. Not a major problem - the front desk still had a spare pass I borrowed with a £5 deposit. However, then I got in and logged into my laptop - which decided the profile was corrupt and set me up a new one. How nice of it.

Luckily logging out and back in again seemed to fix its hiccup. Hmpf. Not a great start to the week.

The weekend was a quiet one for me, and I took full advantage of it by doing practically nothing I have on my list (aside from a load of washing and some washing up) and instead taking T to the cinema (except that turned out to be T and her friend) and then playing computer games for the rest of it, when I didn't watch some more Heroes or eat or sleep.

Speaking of sleep, I'm knackered today. I woke up early for some reason and just don't seem to be properly awake. Apparently I have some dude coming in to work with me today so I better wake up soon.
Tags: werk, whimsical

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