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Stress does strange and wonderful things

At the moment I'm stressed. I have a lot to do at work (although I've found made a lull in which to post this) and I'm fighting off some illness as well. I'm not sure my responses to things are in the 'normal' range either, so for now I'm going to sit on them until I work things out for myself a bit more.

At any rate, kweilo provided a nice reminder/distraction/escape for something I've seen before, and I browsed the site with the page on giant spacecraft (the 'BIG' tab) to see the Dyson sphere - the concept of a giant hollow sphere engulfing a star, with people living on the inside. A link from that page goes into lots more detail about the theory behind it and works of science fiction that have used this and other similar concepts as the basis of their stories, which is (to me) absolutely fascinating.

kissycat1000, in one of her rather mysteriously timely ways, sent me a link of news of a discovery of a near-by earth-like planet.

In my state of escapism, it made me nostalgic for an era of space travel and colonisation I'll never see - which quite frankly is nuts, but it's bittersweet to think about.

Last night we watched Event Horizon. It's a good film, but I remember being very disappointed the first time I watched it because it promised to be all spacey and then turned out to be a horror film which happened to be set in space.

I think I need to see Sunshine as a matter of urgency.
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