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Large updatey thing, and social organising...

So, yesterday J found my keys - kissycat1000 called me at work to let me know, which was a big relief :) I am looking into various ways to tag my two bunches of keys and my wallet that won't break the bank or cause me other grief. I'm also looking into getting a credit card to use for internet purchases and a PayPal account, and some flower pots so I can finally get around to repotting my plants (sorry blaadyblah :/).

I have been feeling remarkably creative just in the last 24 hours, which is good. I've also been productive at work, which while not actually getting on with the testing I'm supposed to be doing I'm making progress on all fronts which is ace.

Poker night: Poker night is scheduled for tomorrow night! Let me know if you are able to make it - normal time of 8pm to 11pmish.

Games weekend: We're planning a games weekend, very probably for the first weekend in May (5th/6th). Have a look here to register your interest and perhaps suggest some games you might want to (bring and) play :)

Finally, inspiration hit me for a new meme: What object do you feel best represents you? It can be something generic or something personal to you, as long as you can explain why it represents you.

Here's mine:

It's my right boot. It's scuffed and worn, and glued at the back. It's quite sturdy and no-nonsense. But.. look inside (with the insole removed):

I've had to improvise a repair on the boot - five washers, each with one edge taken off and the hole countersunk, with five screws to securely hold the heel on. It might be a bit unconventional, but it's actually very comfortable and probably a lot more sturdy than the original.

So, I'd love to see what objects you feel best represent you and why :)
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