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Geeky Sundays

After some initial discussions at BadgerLAN 9, I propose we start a Sunday evening computer network gaming club. Essentially we'll use Hamachi to connect together and play games that aren't really suitable for a LAN, or can be played across slower links (i.e. not FPSes). We may need to create a new Hamachi network depending on number of people interested.

These can be divided into two categories: ones that can be played in an evening (a short RTS or turn-based game like Magic?) and ones that are ongoing (NWN2?). If you want to play something ongoing, we'll need to have a commitment to play every so often (perhaps every other week?) to ensure we don't let others down. Otherwise we can just gather online on Hamachi from 6pm and see what we feel like playing.

Thoughts? Open to BadgerLAN regulars and other LJers alike :) Feel free to link non-LJers to this post :)

Feel free to comment with organisational, game or other suggestions..
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