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A tale of two frogs, as related to me by a frenchman..

This is a story about Murphy's law. Once apon a time there were two frogs. One of them spots a place with loads of flies, and says to the other "Let's go there and fill our bellies!" So they hop off and jump through an open window - but unfortunately they land in a bowl of cream. Now frogs aren't best equipped to deal with cream, but nonetheless they start swimming. The frogs are getting tired but persevere. The second frog decides they're getting nowhere but the first frog persuades him to keep going. After the second hour however the second frog gives up, and drowns in the cream. The first frog perseveres, and after many hours something changes. Eventually the cream has been churned enough that it has turned to butter, and the first frog manages to exhaustedly leap out of the bowl.

The moral of the story is to keep going until it gets butter.

This story was related to me on telling my woes. Good news, bad news once again: Good news! I reconnected the battery and the central locking behaved, and the car started! I drove myself and ev1ldonut home, so we don't have to go back and sort out the car or pick up the stuff. This is Good News™. The bad news is that I didn't realise my bike's MOT runs out today and I haven't booked it in. Now they're electronic I'm wondering what penalty I'll get for this :/ Still, I'll book it in today and not ride it until then, so at least I'm showing willing and actually being legal.

Now for a long Monday after not very good sleep...
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