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Good news and bad news

The good news is T found my keys at kissycat1000's place. What a relief!

The bad news is I'm typing this from Bristol after BadgerLAN. My car saw fit to stop central-unlocking, which I believe is also the mechanism for disabling the alarm and immobiliser. We packed up late enough to have already missed the last train home, so we're now stranded in Bristol. I'm going to get the train back to Cheltenham tomorrow morning and bike into work (luckily for me I have two vehicles). ev1ldonut will be walking to work in Bristol where he works anyway, without his security pass but that's not insurmountable. I have a laptop which I can carry back with me on the train tomorrow morning but unfortunately we'll have to leave ev1ldonut's computer here until we can come to pick the car up on the weekend via the RAC.

I've left the battery and the horn disconnected, I've checked fuses and tried all the central locking tricks I can think of but nothing has worked. I've let work know I'll be late. Ah well I'd better get some sleep...
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