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This morning I woke up quite gradually, in that I remembered a dream I was having. I can't remember if this is a dream I've had before a long time ago and was revisiting now I was older.

I was wandering around the suburbs near to where my mother lives in Godalming (probably taken from when I used to deliver a paperround when there were some bizarre houses I had to deliver papers to) with a friend (probably male, didn't feature highly other than I was relating stuff to them about where we were), when I happened across a building complex that looked like a cross between a 60's concrete skyscraper (except only about 5 storeys high), possibly constructed from my memories of Bath University, mixed in with lots of what looked like reclaimed (irregularly shaped) stone from a castle or something similar. The bottom of the structure was made from this old material, the top was made from the concrete. The bottom had weathered well; was covered with moss and algae etc; the top had weathered as 60's concrete monstrosities do - badly. It looked like a deprived area on top.

Anyway, I counted four guard dogs on chains that took an interest in us sneaking around, which caused us to back away and look for another way in to the complex. The complex itself was walled and set in a shallow dip, with a line of trees between the wall and the complex proper. The metal gates were quite rusted and obviously not used.

Then we were chased by a guy sat on a contraption that looked like a cross between a wheely chair and an upright electric organ. After running around the block he caught up with us and I decided to try to listen to the organ because I wasn't sure if it was an electric one or a harpsichord. This seemed to disarm the chap from chasing us as we took an interest in his organ (ooer).

Then we were allowed inside and we climbed some steps to be confronted by a cluttered living space of an old geek. Bits of electronic radio and computer equipment lay stacked up, along with dirt, grease and wires.

Something felt quite familiar about the old bloke living there. He regarded us with suspicion at first, asking how we got in. He wittered on about something or other. He started making himself a greasy ham and cheese toasty, mopping up the grease in a particular way with kitchen roll that triggered another memory. I interrupted him and asked him if he had worn a beard at some point in his past. He looked surprised and ruminated around the date, around 1981, he thought. Too early for me, but I did remember his chin, and his nose. His chin was very recessed back then and he described a treatment on how it was pulled forward with a hook (probably something from the anti-smoking adverts with the fishing hooks). Also, his rough, spotty bulbous nose had been much reduced from how I remembered him and he looked a lot better for it. I got the perception of an old woman pottering around but pretty much keeping out of our way.

The feeling I got in general was one of an isolated person who was fearful of the outside world.

Then I woke up with a start, because I realised that I had not set my alarm, and I realised I was asleep. Over the weekend I fitted blackout curtains, and although I set my clock an hour forwards I didn't re-set the alarm. It was just gone 8:30 - the normal time I'd wake up if it weren't for the clocks going forward. Bah.

Anyway, I got up and discovered I've lost my keys. gashinryu, I'm wondering if I may have left them in the car what with all the rushing around yesterday trying to get it sorted out.. can you check for me? Other than that, kissycat1000, the last time I remember having them was when I took them to get back in after I drove round to your house to pick up the stereo.. I'm wondering if you picked them up when you tidied up gashinryu's car or if I may have left them in your car?

Finally, does anyone have a spare monitor capable of 1024x768 that they don't need any more? Puppy's monitor became unsafe, and the spare I've got is really, really crap (800x600 and very fuzzy). He and I would be very grateful if someone has one they could donate :)
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