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..and relax :)

So yesterday I got up and re-stretched the kids' carpet as it had become stretched by all the washing :/. It's not perfect but it's a lot better. Have to hope those wrinkles don't wear too heavily now. T disappeared off to her nan's for the weekend (bliss!).

After trying another place in town for a lock for the bathroom cabinet they directed me to a locksmiths just around the corner from them who had a display case lock which will do, although it's not foolproof and it's not quite as easy to use as I'd hoped.

I then bummed around feeling knackered and a bit worn out (not used to all this physical exercise). I took out the mattress protector and the mattress topper I had been using from under my problem mattress and it's a lot better, which is good. Just have to decide whether it's good enough or whether to make the effort and take the company to court for refusing to give me a refund for false advertising.

I then had a really nice relaxing time playing with J. It was nice not having to rush or worry about anyone other than a small child whose needs, although very specific, are very simple. I think he enjoyed it too :)

I wanted to replace the old hifi cabinet I had been using with the glass and metal ones I'd bought recently, but before I actually did that I spent the afternoon making my desktop PC quiet and work with three monitors, so I now have a new fast quiet home theatre PC which works quite well. I didn't redo all the cabling except for what I had to to get them in, but I did remove all the spare stuff.

I had reasonable success getting J to choose what food and how much to have and he seemed pleased to have got it right. He likes being helpful.

I then got sucked in to watching the first half of The Lord Of The Rings: Extended Edition. I played Supreme Commander for a while (it is literally just like Total Annihilation except shinier and with useful extra features.. I feel this could be a fun LAN game sometime.. *grin*)

This morning I had a bit of a run-in with J, who had decided he wasn't going to be so co-operative as before about telling me what the problem was and that, combined with forgetting his jumper meant he got a bit upset. So I calmed him down and explained that that's why I needed him to tell people exactly what he wanted.

I took some stuff to the dump, visiting kissycat1000's place on the way back to check on the rats and get them out for a while. I wanted to try and get some of the cheap motorcycle gear on offer in Lidl but I'd run out of money and didn't have any way to get more (having recently lost and cancelled my cards, and am currently waiting for the replacement cards to arrive). I toyed with the idea of borrowing some off kissycat1000's mum or dad and transferring it straight back via internet banking, but decided against it.

Finally caescarna came round just as I was starting to move the projector screen forwards (to get around the fact the TV is now sticking out from the wall). That didn't take me too long so we settled in to listen to some music. I realised that the bass was much better outside the room than in, and after tracing some wires realised a speaker had been wired up the wrong way around for god knows how long! Now everything sounds like it has far too much bass.. :/

Can't work out if it was just the wiring (did I have it crossed in another place before the move..?) but dylan's CD player sounds good, as does the amp. No doubt kissycat1000 will tell me it's the racks.. I suppose she could be right. I'll have to let her and ev1ldonut judge and see what they think ;)

J is still refusing to tell me exactly what he wants, although he does say how he's feeling, which is something. After more chats seemed to go positively he then reverted back to "I can't tell you!".. what did I expect huh? Ah well little steps.

Now I have just put away the spare stuff in the loft and hoovered the house from top to bottom, so I'm going to relax for the rest of the day with a beer or two and play some more computer games I think :)

I like having down time. I get a fair bit done and feel good :)
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