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Thoughts and London trip

A while after watching the ten dimensions thing again (which is very cool IMHO), a thought came to me. As far as I'm aware a 3 (or more) body gravity model is unsolvable as far as we know. The interactions between the bodies as they progress in their orbits are different at every moment. But, would it be solvable if we considered the bodies as 4 dimensional objects, i.e. including time? Or perhaps if you include the 5th dimension which includes variations on those timelines? I'm not a mathematician, but I know some of you are more that way inclined. I imagine they are, but I'm not sure we've invented a method of representing and understanding the equations involved.

I met Vipul (of Vipul's Razor) today. I guess this is the geek equivalent of a celebrity. He was a very suave shaven-headed Indian chap dressed all in black, and of course knew his stuff. I have his business card (and therefore email address *grin*).

At lunch time I left the London office and wandered around, popping first into a strange toy shop / museum. Nice to see bizarre and quaint things still exist. :)
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