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Rose's gig in Camden Underworld

Hi all! Right, this gets rather convoluted. I am actually going to attempt to organise something on LiveJournal. Wish me luck ;)

Just in case you don't know what I'm on about, the band my good friend Rose is in, Waterglass, is giving it's first performance to the paying public on Saturday the 1st June (yes that's THIS Saturday) at Camden Underworld, apparently part of (or near) the World's End pub (right next to the tube station) in Camden, London.

Doors: 7pm
Cost: £5 with a flyer, £6 without.
Line up: WATERGLASS (on stage 9pm)
7TH HARMONIC (on stage 8.15pm)
FIREFLY (on stage 7.30pm)

with DJ-ing by NILS (slimelight)

Here is the deal. I am starting in Bristol and swinging by Cheltenham at 12ish to pick up kissycat1000. We will then be going on to Oxford to pick up Hannah and possibly Rachael. The plan is to meet at about 4pm in the Gloucester Arms in Oxford, before carrying on to London. If cryx and/or nemy want to come along too I can swing by Egham and pick them up as well :) We might just get to the place on time ;)

Then we have the gig in Camden, meeting dylan there :) Rock!

Crashing arrangements? Well Rose and Frances have offered their place to us - it's in Leytonstone. kissycat1000 and I are hoping to crash in Egham at cryx and nemy's. I checked with cryx; Rachael and Hannah can stay there as well if they like, otherwise they can stay at Rose and Frances' (email/IM me, details on profile, if you need Rose and Frances' contact details). Either way, Hannah and Rachael will be able to get a lift back to Oxford with either myself (if staying in Egham) or dylan (if staying at Roses).

I will be leaving Egham later on Sunday after a BBQ and other merriment, probably about 8pmish.. oh, so Hannah I think you WILL need to get a lift back with dylan to get back in time..?

There. I think that all works out OK.

Now all I need to know is if I have this right, and whether cryx and nemy are coming along or not! Post away, I'll check up on this and post the final version of events as a comment on this post when I think it's all sorted. Here goes... *fingers crossed*

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