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Taking stock

Well, it's continuing to be a difficult period, but I remain optimistic.
  • I ordered a new kingsize bed and memory foam mattress for just over £500. I'm looking forwards to proper nights sleep.
  • Tonight kissycat1000 and I are planning to go swimming, the official start of the attempt to get a bit more exercise.
  • Still managing to stick to making sandwiches at work, and not eating crap.
  • Failed to come in on my motorbike today due to my hip still playing up (ibuprofen seems to cure it temporarily, so I guess something's inflamed) - that'd be dangerous on a bike. Plus it was damp enough not to make it much fun.
  • I'm considering buying a gortex motorcycle jacket and luminous PVC over trousers, so I can travel in the wet on my bike while being drier and a little more visible. These things will also come in handy for the cycling I intend to do every Monday. Also need to buy lights for the bike.
  • I'm also planning to buy a garden badminton/volleyball net, as I'm sure it'll come in useful if not now, then in the summer, possibly in the garden, but definitely camping / on the beach etc..
All in all, hopefully slowly getting better.
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