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Well the boss man's been and gone. I've told him of my vague plans to see how things go and start looking for other jobs, and indeed what sort of work I was going to start looking for. He was quite understanding about it, but he let slip something.

He said that he would be talking to people informally about what my intentions were, and cited that one reason I would be looking elsewhere was because I didn't get a payrise. Well I haven't had my salary review through yet so I'm not supposed to know about that. I didn't take him up on that because he would just have denied it, the slippery little fish that he is. However, it sounds like no pay rise for me. Again. Hardly unexpected given the current climate, despite my performance reviews.

He did tell me stuff about the current climate that I already knew, and on a personal level when he recommended to hold fire for another 6 months I know he was talking from a purely personal point of view. However I am too impatient / ambitious for that and I will make my own assessments in a couple of months time I think. There are some interesting opportunities coming up within Logica which might make me change my mind for a short while, but ultimately the lack of progression opportunities in Logica in this geographical location is going to become my overriding reason to leave.

I have been targetted for the Bristol server support role. I knew people's eyes turned to me when both the sysadmin and the DBA high-heeled it out of here. I am very cautious about getting into a support role. I will not learn much new in it, nor will I have the power to make any changes because it is an end-of-life project. So I said I was only happy to do it if there was a budget for changes/upgrades that I would be responsible for, and that I would be able to take other opportunities that came up in preference to the support role.

So the boss man went away and talked to the pointy haired boss of the project whose servers they are and came back to tell me that he only wants 5 days a month - that's a quarter of my time. I suspect that is somewhat unrealistic as I know the two people previously were doing firefighting because they couldn't make any changes. I refuse to get stuck in the same role/way!

Anyway, enough ranting for now. I have other more interesting things to do, like write a workshop on XML and sort out the technical bits of the CofE website. It would appear noone else can do it 'cause they don't have the skills. Once more it's down to me *sigh*. Still, at least that's somewhat fun and entertaining.

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