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Oh god.

Please god, what do I have to do to get decent customer service from call centre staff?

I am trying to find out what the balance on a utility bill was on a particular date. I have called a couple of times, but got a figure that made no sense and someone speaking at the speed of light in a Scottish accent trying to explain it to me. I opted to email them, figuring that having it written down would make things simpler. After a long drawn out exchange of emails (although thankfully very quick responses), I'm coming to the conclusion that the figure they've given me is completely inaccurate, being for the wrong date, and taking into account a payment made after the date I want to know the balance for.

If this continues, next time something like this happens, I'm just going to request I close one account and start a new one. I'm sure their billing department will ensure they calculate a sodding closing balance before they allow me to open a new one with them.

Does anyone know any magic words to make them do what I want, or should I just call up and ask to speak to a manager?

Update: So I resigned myself to calling up and spoke to a wonderful woman called Lisa, who sorted out my simple query in 5 minutes flat. I asked if I could speak to her manager to commend her competence, and also raise the poor customer service and incompetence issues with the incorrect and mis-information I had been provided previously by more than five of her colleagues. For my troubles I have had £30 credited to the account. Not too shabby I suppose!

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