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I've just watched Saddam's death.

It's there, available on YouTube. Recently I've seen many articles on respected tech news sites (amongst others) talking about the death of professional journalism due to the rise in 'Citizen Journalism', and about Saddam's death as reported by mobile phone footage.

There is a news channel on television which reports the news by simply providing the footage without commentary to let viewers draw their own conclusions; this is the most similar experience I can think of.

I found it harrowing to witness the actual death of an actual human being - I knew I would. But I feel it is a very important step in our development as a species. Up until now we have always relied on news from a third party - now at least we can see it from a second party.

The actual footage reveals that the execution was performed to a background of jibes and taunts; indeed Saddam could be argued to come off looking better than his executors - a sad day indeed for humanity, considering he is the perpetrator of mass murder and persecution.

As a result, there will be an investigation by the new Iraqi government.

We are living in a world of increased surveillance. In a world where the internet enables increased disavowment of personal responsibility, so conversely increased surveillance seeks to redress the balance. This is important for events on this scale of importance, but for every-day goings on the picture is less clear.

At any rate, no longer will important events like this be able to happen behind closed doors without the true nature of the event being revealed to the public. This, I feel, is an important step in our evolution.
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