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[Geek] Whoops

Deleting your entire photo collection in a clear-up is never a good thing to do. Luckily for me, I realised what I had done moments after I had done it. I am in the process of undeleting all the files - there's only one or two that have failed to undelete so far. Luckily (again) for me, I had recently acquired a tape drive (for nothing!) and performed a backup of the essential files on my portable harddisk for protection against the worst. I've restored all the pictures on the tape, and with any luck any new photos on the disk will be undeleted successfully. I'm sitting here with directory compare software to compare what's good, what's not and what's missing from the undelete. Win!

Now I just need to resurrect beast, which keeled over at some point during the DIY work on the house and I didn't have time to look at it. I have a box of 30 or so 40GB tapes; I've worked out it will take me the best part of a week to back beast up. But then I can rebuild it, and/or upgrade it *grin*.

In other news, I put the bathroom door lock in place and put up a shelf in the kids' bedroom so they can finally watch DVDs in their bedroom. Progress is good :)
Tags: diy, geek

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