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Right, that's it!

Nasty nagging headache, take two paracetamol on the chin!

Started my 'holiday' today by going through paperwork and answering work emails. Ho hum. I have an 'arrangement' with my boss anyway, so it'll probably all come out in the wash.

I have some other bits and pieces of DIY that needs to be done, and quite a few PCs to fix/reinstall. Wonder what I'll be doing with my holidays then?

It did occur to me that this stretch of time off might be a good time to acquire a kitten, but kissycat1000 tells me that all the shelters shut down for Christmas to prevent giving a pet away at Christmas time. Hm.

In other news that I forgot to mention and have been feeling bad about it, my mother beeby came to visit the week before last. We went out for a nice meal with kissycat1000, then I... fixed her PC. No change there then ;) Still, it was lovely to see her. ev1ldonut's parents are thinking of visiting in the new year, which will be interesting.

Now I'm off to run errands.
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