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Work hard, play hard.

I've been doing as the subject suggests - a weekend of lovely, also with some work on the room, which is looking like it's going to be ready a little early, which is nice. Thursday I decided to take off work in order to rest due to illness and pushing myself, but the plasterer popped over and said he could only do the work tomorrow morning. So I ended up clearing the room and stripping the ceiling and wallpaper and ripping out the cupboard while I was 'recovering'. Upon which I discovered that THERE WAS NO WALL BEHIND ONE OF THE WARDROBE SIDES. F%$&£$. Cue me ALSO putting up a plasterboard wall in the evening with meltie's help - thank the gods he happened to be around and didn't mind being put to work yet again on my house ;) kissycat1000 mentions this here.

ev1ldonut sanded the room's walls on Sunday, but the room has no door, so unfortunately the rest of the house (including my new room which I'd cleaned and dusted everything in during its migration from old to new room) is now covered in a fine layer of plaster dust, which can't be good for electrical things or expensive speakers, and will take me considerable time to clear up :/

Anyway, buying the stereo for my car has made a huge difference to my driving pleasure. Thanks thespirit3! I can listen to the music I want, in decent quality, and loudly (which is rare at home etc). This makes me very happy.

Finally, in honour of my current appearance, I thought you could all do with a photo of how I currently look, which is something like this:

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