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You guys all post FAR too much. It's taken me until now to catch up since Thursday of last week :p.

Anyway, my turn to contribute to the chaos. kissycat1000's been posting on how things have been going - nothing I can really add to it so see for yourself.

So, otherwise I have been getting chastised for my stunts on Thursday and Friday of last week when my boss man came down from London to see me without first hearing back from me when I always respond. His fault - no guilt (well slight guilt 'cause I should have let him know too). Yesterday I was in London for a meeting after a morning off, spent with kissycat1000 which seemed to do mostly good recharging batteries. I feel ill still, and am working from home today. I'm trying to get the new software to do a remote connection but I am having trouble getting my pet bloke at work to send it to me, so I will call in on the way up to see kissycat1000 tonight and sort it out then. I have plenty of stuff to do at home anyway like setting up this new laptop.

Over and out..

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