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  • Did loads of work to the master bedroom over the weekend; just needs to finish the plasterboard wall and the re-scraping the ceiling before the plasterer can come
  • Arranged plasterer who can work in a couple of weeks to come and look at the job - was going to look at the work today but it's now tomorrow
  • Called up Telewest to drop my phone and downgrade TV to free, only to discover I can't keep TV unless I also keep my phoneline. However, I downgraded it to free and negotiated money off for 6 months (down from £41/month to £29/month) whilst still keeping my phone line..
  • Agreed and sorted out most of the paperwork for my re-mortgage with the advisor last night
  • Started to arrange my other pension today
  • Got some more definite work to do at work
  • Still haven't done my Prague photos yet!
  • Don't feel like I've seen a lot of kissycat1000 recently, but hopefully that's going to be corrected tonight
  • Both laptop and desktop really need rebuilding unfortunately
So all in all, rather good I think :)
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