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A genuine interest

Today I popped into the new Tesco supermarket that opened today on the business park where I work. It was actually quite difficult to find a space. So it seems "Build it and they will come" is too true.

Anyway, I saw a paper shredder being marketed with the phrase "Protect yourself against Identity Theft" on it. This was a little surprising to me, but nevertheless got me thinking. I realised that my perspective is one of a geek, and I have little knowledge of how non-geeks think and what things they are concerned with. I therefore have a question to put to all my non-geeky friends: What concerns do you have in everyday life - what worries you? I'm not really talking about social problems, more legislation, safety, money.. that sort of thing. Feel free to answer anonymously if you wish.

Geeks can answer if they wish but for the sake of clarity please specify if you self-identify as a geek or not :)
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