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Ozzfest.. ROCKED!

I have to say this first. I am a god. I own a blue wristband. At least, in Ozzfest this meant you were a god. I think there must have been close to 100,000 people there, and only the first 4,000 who went into and out of the central mosh pit were allowed a blue band. When all the blue bands had run out only the people with blue bands were allowed back in - a form of crowd control. However the possibilities for this were intriguing *grin*.

Now I did meet up with Hannah. I showed her my blue band and she was mightily jealous, and rightly so. Of course, I did offer her the blue band like a gentleman, but only if she slept with me *grin*. She said that unfortunately she thought her boyfriend Gareth *points to big blonde bloke* might have a problem with that... ah. Oh well *grin*. Can't blame me for trying :)

Unfortunately I DIDN'T manage to meet up with purrthecat, which I was mightily disappointed about. Also I didn't get to meet jebuscrust or see jessie_pup again too :(. I've just spoken to purrthecat on IM and she tells me it was a combination of no signal and no battery - doh! Such a shame :(

Anyway, back to the beginning. Friday started well when I decided to take it off too and emailed people at work to let them know I was taking it as holiday.. at 10am on the day in question - lol! When Mat hadn't turned up by 2pm I started drinking the beer I had bought for the trip and was already into my third can by the time Mat and his younger brother Rich arrived. Bundled stuff in the car and left, dropping a computer in on kissycat1000 'cause hers is stuffed. Apparently though she is now happy with the new computer :). I think between them Tianna and kissycat1000 scared Mat and Rich with Rosey, Tianna's pet rat.

Drank rather a lot and realised I needed to go to the loo. We were stuck in a traffic jam. We passed a sign saying 22 miles to the next services.. not too bad I thought. It was 30 mins later when we passed a sign saying 19 miles to the next services when I realised that I was not going to be able to hold out until we got to the services at this rate so I ordered Rich to stop the car "or I'll piss in it!". So stop he did, and I relieved myself on the hard shoulder, much to the amusement of the passing motorists. I got 4 toots in the end. I didn't care, I was pissed already *grin*.

Passed out for most of the rest of the journey; we left the car at some of Mat and Rich's relatives and got dropped off at the camp site. Set up our tents, me with the perfect excuse that of course I couldn't put the F%$^ thing up, I was pissed!! Several friendly people later and all was well. Drank some more, wondered around for a bit and got an early night (9pm!!).
Woke up at 5:30am with the light. Lots of people already up, wondered around, drank some more for breakfast, drank some more in the queue. Cue first hangover for about 12pm *grin*. Anyway, went to see a rather crap band - Anti-Product - on first on the main stage. They had three interestingly clad attractive women members and a Gary-Glitter-a-like prancing around at the front. The crowd didn't really like them and threw loads of stuff. No bottles of piss as far as I could tell, but I wasn't about to stop and ask *grin*. I actually felt a bit sorry for them in the end. Still, they took it well and dodged most of the hurled items.

Took AGES to get into the Kerrang building (basically the F1 garage as the festival was being held ON Donnington Park race track) due to strict crowd control (again), saw Flaw. This band had a track on The Scopion King, Mat and Rich wanted to see them. Very good, very loud. Took AGES getting back out again (same reasons).. had been texting and phoning people in an attempt to meet up with them but failed up until later that afternoon.

The rest of the day was spend mostly in the mosh pit of the main stage - which was actually nice and clear due to the crowd control restrictions.

Oh. Before I go on I should point out the rig they had there. The speaker stacks were made up of boxes, about 5 ft by 5 ft, containing 2x 18" subs, 4x 8" mids and 2x treble horns. The stacks of these boxes were 7 wide and 9 high, on EACH side, making an incredible 50ft high speaker stack! Incredible! On top of that, I estimate if each of those subs were 600W (standard for 18" drivers), then that's 1.2k per box. 7x9 = 63, x2 = 126. 126 x 1.2 = 151.2k... 150k's worth of rig! F me backwards! It certainly sounded like it. Fantastic :) Thankfully the setup was very well done - lots of bass, not too much mid and treble to make it pierce and painful. My ears didn't ring afterwards, but the music was still very very loud. The sign of a good setup. I did stand in front of the speakers at one point while Lost Prophet were on and found it hard to breathe.. fantastic :)

So.. what did I see? Well, Flaw (good), Anti-Product (laughably not so good), Drowning Pool, System of a Down (fantastic), Ozzy Osborne (great theatricals but not as good as Black Sabbath). And probably a few more but I forget.

Ozzy was on last, and I fell asleep back in my tent during Slayer - can you believe it! I couldn't stand any more (as in stand up) and the weather, oh my god, what the FUCK was that all about? Blistering sun, wind, rain, hail (!), blistering sun, rain, wind, overcast, clear... we had it all. I thought there was going to be lightning at one point which would have been really quite.. amusing.

The bit that struck me most was when it had got dark, and the inevitable guitar solo came up during Ozzy's act. There was this Norse vision long blonde hair and beard, highlighted by spotlight playing his hypnotic weapon, enthralling the masses. I turned to see a sea of what must have been close to 100,000 people all staring at him in awe, riding on his every motion. The entire 150k rig at his disposal for entertaining all those people. And entertain he did. Very very moving :)

Crashed out after that at about midnight, woke up the next morning at about 6:30. Slept better that night having been so tired and more used to sleeping on a sleeping mat again. Got up and got drunk with the friendly midlanders camped a little way away, which was fun. Sobered up on the journey back.

Went out to pub lunch with the usual crowd. Mat came along; I bought him lunch in return for helping me put up my desk.

All in all I think I had about 3 mild hangovers on Saturday through different drinking sessions, I've already had 1 this morning and kissycat1000 wants me to come up and see her so my weekend is not quite finished yet :)

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