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Stuff 'n tings..

*yawn* Tired. Since last night it's been another rollercoaster of emotions.. misunderstandings, stress.. caused by my insecurities at things changing. Thankfully, it's all cleared up now :) I took the day off work today and went round to kissycat1000's where we spent the morning sorting things out, lunchtime destressing, she with Rob (who seemed rather alarmed at her way of destressing - lol!), and me out for a quiet sandwich. The afternoon was spent in quiet reflection and being close - much goodness.

Unfortunately kissycat1000's computer is broken.. I think the harddisk's suffered heat exhaustion. She apologises for her lack of online presence. If she's lucky I might drop that quiet Compaq I've been threatening her with on the way up to Ozzfest tomorrow :)

Ozzfest is going to rock :)

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