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Here's what I've done:
  • On the server: DNS, DHCP, WOL, Samba, Fixed the annoying bug with the calendar dropping out, but not yet got SSL working yet. I still need to get backups (both in and out), squid, SSL, public keys and snapshots working, as well as redoing all the SSL certificates for all services.
  • On the bike: Attempted to replace front discs with ev1ldonut's help. Discover the discs, although almost identical to the ones I have on, are not identical. Swear for a bit. Decide to wire brush and sand the existing discs as appropriate, and manage to do that. The bike actually started fine (after being left for a month or so) and is much improved - not perfect, but a lot better.
And now, I think it's time for a (relatively) early night. I will have to relist the discs; perhaps I will get round to getting rid of all the other bike bits I no longer need.
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